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Check out below to view some of the services that we provide. If you have any questions about any of these services, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to go over the details.


Home Inspection

A detailed home inspection covering the following:

  • Roof

  • Attic

  • Insulation / Ventilation

  • Exterior (including grading evaluation)

  • Interior

  • Garage

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical

  • Structure / Foundation

  • Crawl Space

  • HVAC (Heating / AC)

  • Hot Water Heater

  • Installed Appliances

  • Fireplaces

Carbon Monoxide


CO is a by-product of incomplete combustion. Any fuel-burning device has the potential to produce dangerous levels of CO gas. Examples of devices commonly used around the house include:​

  • Fireplaces and wood stoves

  • Gas dryers

  • Gas water heaters

  • Non-electric space heaters

  • Fuel fired furnaces (non-electric)


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We provide this testing to you free of charge as part of your home inspection

Combustible/Natural Gas Testing

Combustible gas is the unburnt fuel that you may recognize if you've ever left a stove running with no flame and start to "smell gas". Although just as toxic as Carbon Monoxide (CO), these gasses can be more dangerous than (CO) because they are more volatile and explosive. Gas stoves, water heaters and furnaces all have gas lines running to them which have the potential of cracking if kinked or may leak at the fittings if not properly tightened.


We also provide this testing of all of your gas appliances free of charge as part of your home inspection. 

Moisture Testing

Although vital for life, water is one of the most destructive elements to a home. The visible damage that it creates eg: rotting decks and door frames can be corrected, however what about the damage that you cant see until its too late? That's why we also test for moisture content in suspected areas of the home. 

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We provide this testing to you free of charge as part of your home inspection

Thermal Imaging Testing

Thermal loss/gain can be anything from losing cool air in the summer, to heat in the winter. This can lead to costly heating and AC bills and cause your unit(s) to work harder than they need to which can also lead to premature wearing of these components.

The other and more critical part of thermal testing is to attempt to detect any anomaly's with electrical systems. Improperly wired systems could be overheating without you knowing until its too late. 


If this testing is needed, we provide this to you free of charge as part of your home inspection.

FAA Drone Pilot

Drone Technology

Whether you're in the real estate market or a realtor, we can assist using the latest in drone technology. We are Part 107 FAA licensed and registered and are ready to launch at a moments notice. We offer this service such as aerial photographs/videos for realtors to use for marketing purposes. We also utilize drones part of our inspection process for roofing systems that we might not be able to otherwise walk on.



Thinking about selling your home and don't quite know where to start regarding what needs attention before you list it? Give us a call and let us give your home a once over. We can identify what might need replacing and/or repairing. 

InterNACHI Annual.png

Preventative Maintenance Consultaions

Do you know the size of your air filters or how often you should change them? Do you know how often the anode rod in your water heater needs to be replaced? Have you ever heard of an anode rod?

As part of your home inspection service, we offer a complimentary follow up once you've moved in to go over your systems and how to properly maintain them. Call us when you're ready and we'll meet you at home. 

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